Chamber Industry and Commerce awards WIESENHOF International quality seal "Top Training"

Award-winning trio: WIESENHOF International GmbH is the third PHW subsidiary to receive the “Top Training” seal of quality from the Oldenburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK). For 24 years now, the company has been training and offering the training opportunity "wholesale and foreign trade management specializing in foreign trade in Rechterfeld". "Promoting young talents is very important to us and we are proud that our commitment has been recognized with the 'Top Training' seal. We see everyone in our team - and this includes long-standing colleagues, but also our trainees - as an important part of our PHW family and we support and encourage everyone in their talents and skills," says Iris Sadelfeld, Head of Internal Sales at WIESENHOF International GmbH, who is responsible for this project.
In order to receive the "Top Training" seal, the IHK evaluates five key areas: commitment to careers orientation and recruiting trainees, the design of the start of training, planning and the course of training, exam preparation and, lastly, the prospects for trainees after their training.
As early as 2020, the two PHW subsidiaries MEGA Tiernahrung GmbH and MEGA Logistik & Service were awarded the IHK seal "Top Training" for their commitment to training. “The PHW Group takes its training mandate very seriously. We not only invest in our next generation, but also specifically in our trainers, training officers and HR managers. At the end of 2022, four employees successfully obtained the certificate IHK specialist for in-company training," adds Janis Kira Schulte, head of in-company training and further education at the PHW headquarters. The PHW Group endeavors to show all employees development prospects. This includes, for example, regular training opportunities.

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