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Green Meadows – paving the way towards new nutritional diversity

Making top-quality, sustainable, plant-based food available to the mass market and contributing to global resource and climate challenges: this is the aim of The Live Kindly Company, founded in 2019.

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Chicken meat without slaughtering?

The Israeli start-up SuperMeat is focused on the production of cultured meat by using cell cultures. To produce the so-called in-vitro-meat, stem cells are extracted from living chicken without harming them. Th...
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Kebab, vegan? Gyros, vegan? Sure!

Our range covers the most important brands within the meatless sector! Our alternative proteins are the ones to go for since they are more than just delicious. They are sustainable and resource-saving.

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Vegan Printing – Redefine Meat

Vegan meat out of a 3D printer – the future is here. Redefine Meat, a start-up based in Israel, uses plant-based ingredients only, to print meat alternative protein in 3D printer style.

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